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We are ready to answer all your questions

Is Bubble Soccer safe?

Yes, our animators will give you the instructions to follow before each game to make your activities safe. In addition, giant bubbles are already doing a lot of work for your safety through the air they contain.

Who can play bubble soccer?

This famous sports activity is a mixed activity for children (6 years old under certain conditions) aged 7 and over. We have bubbles for kids and for adults. Note that you do not need to know how to play traditional soccer to practice Bubble Soccer ...

Where can I play Bubble Soccer?

The Bubble Soccer is practiced in a gym, on an indoor or outdoor turf, natural or synthetic, or just in a park! We serve Greater Montreal and surrounding areas of Quebec.
Any land, however, must give access to the electric current.

How to book?

It is very simple ! Simply contact our organizing team by email or phone, mentioning the desired date, the approximate number of participants expected; if it is an event for children, adults or mixed; as well as the city.

How is a Bubble Soccer activity?

A Bubble Soccer / bubble games game is played with at least 8 players. Depending on the number of participants, the booking time and the number of bubbles will be adjusted. At the beginning of each session, our facilitators take the time to introduce themselves, explain the SAFETY RULES, and present the progress of the activity. The rules vary according to the games, because we have a whole range of variants. The inevitable traditional soccer (simplified) in the bubbles is always in order!
An activity lasts at least 1 hour. Since the activity is fairly draining, the facilitators will coordinate playing time and breaks according to the endurance of the group.

What to bring during a Bubble Soccer activity?

We advise you to bring clothes (t-shirt with sleeves) and sports shoes. Remember to take extra towels and a bottle of water because you will be hot!


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